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Tech Driven Access to Legal Services - in-Court’s app for legal professionals, brings appearance attorneys to the forefront of technology. It is a precision tool for attorneys who now, with quick efficiency, can locate, identify, access a profile, text, speak, and transfer files and funds with one another, and court reporters, and translators – all for immediate action.

By connecting stand in lawyers, the legal profession is finding last minute support. Paving the way for modular legal services, with predictive analysis and machine learning, to educate today’s judiciary with the assets of tomorrow.

By swiftly cutting through the court’s inefficient scheduling or vicissitudes of events, in-Court will also be increasing the courts efficiency, a further bonus for the public bringing innovation into delivering fairness. The busy professional can streamline representation for greater access to justice.

in-Court, the directly intuitive communication platform providing instant coverage for lawyers, court reporters, and interpreters. Document transfers, live chat, exchange fees, profile building, and more – much more.

From In-Court’s Pre-Launch Attorney Survey

Since inception to set-to-launch, in-Court has run the concept and a description of details past literally thousands of attorneys through such social and specialty media platforms as LinkedIn, Facebook and

The response was overwhelmingly positive.