About us

A Communication Platform

In-Court already promises to fill a large void by delivering a cost effective and time saving approach in the legal industry where professionals can stand in for each other, share documents and exchange money through its iOS and android applications. It is our fundamental first step in getting industry acceptance, and is specifically designed to increase the court’s case flow and law firm efficiency while reducing costs for law firm clients.

  • Our History

    What are your chances of winning against someone more rich or powerful than you? What if your professionals are overworked and scrapping by? That is what it is like for people competing in the courts of law for justice. What if we can solve both problems? Creating greater access and a more fair world.

  • Our Goal

    To increase efficiency in the legal industry until disputes are no longer a daunting task, to create an even paying field between parties no matter their resources, and to increase equal access to the courts.

  • Solution

    We are that missing link in legaltech where the focus has been on AI document management and advertising.

What areas of practice are on our platform

  • Civil Hearing
  • Criminal Matters
  • Federal
  • State

The Company


Lawrence Harris

VP of Operations


Alex Tkachenko



Steven Nielsen

Esq. Patent Attorney


Renata Hamaoui



Jon Fried



Stephano Carpara

Principal Attorney


H. V. Stephen Larsson

Content Director, Managing Editor

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  • Lawrence Harris - VP of Operations
  • Alex Tkachenko - CTO
  • Steve Nielsen - our Patent Lawyer
  • Renata Hamaoui - Secretary
  • Jon Fried - Founder-CEO
  • Stephano Carpara - Our Corporate Attorney
  • Genoveva Bueno - HR Director
  • Jamie Grolle - Marketing