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Welcome to in-Court

MootRipe’s new app for legal professionals

The in-Court app is a precision tool for attorneys who now, with quick efficiency, can locate, identify, access a profile, text, speak, and transfer files and funds with one another, and court reporters, and translators – all for immediate stand in, and other related needs.

in-Court. The directly intuitive communication platform providing instant coverage for lawyers, court reporters, and interpreters. Document transfers, live chat, exchange fees,profile building, and more – much more.

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Now, you can set up an appearance lawyer, court reporter, or translator for short notice,or even immediate utilization. Now, even the most backlogged immigration lawyer will be able to instantly locate fellow subscribers at the courthouse and then teleconference,forward documents, transact payments, as needed, all from their iPhone or Android smart phone. By swiftly cutting through the court’s inefficient scheduling or vicissitudes of events, in-Court will also be increasing the courts efficiency, a further bonus for you, the busy professional.

A Proven Need in the Market

By selecting either the create case icon or show me, a professional can quickly locate a stand-in for a seamless transition of documents, they can share fee directly and efficiently manage their time. Profiles allow professionals to promote themselves. Push notifications brings opportunities to your home screen to earn extra money.

  • Lawyers

    Stand-in for each other.

  • Reporters

    Create a profile to be found at any courthouse.

  • Interpreters

    Go to the courtrooms only when you are needed, no more standing around.