This Moment’s in-Court News Flash

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In-Court is currently available, without cost for registration or use, for all immigration lawyers striving in the besieged, overburdened, and backed-up immigration courts.

The intense immigration nightmare on our southwestern national border, and the Florida coastline, has our immigration courts chaotically jammed– most recent reports are stating that our immigration courts are now over 800,000 cases behind schedule. Despite over one billion appearances throughout the entire US court system annually, in our nation of just over 325 million people, the legal system is currently using an antiquated system of scheduling stand-in attorneys. The current system can take days to use and is expensive. This where in-Court shines, this is where it counts.

To help mitigate the extreme pressures endured by our stalwart immigration attorneys, the in-Court app is now available, without charge, under this early release offer – if you are a practicing immigration lawyer in good standing, please contact us immediately.
Whether you are doing the paperwork far from the border, or making the appearance in court, in-Court is here to assist.